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HC Productions has years of experience in the world of Corporate A/V setups. Everything from General Sessions to Breakout rooms and even scenic and Truss, HC Productions has the crew to get the job done right the first time. From load-ins and load-outs to getting the rig in the air or crewing the show with operators. HC Productions has the talent to make your next show our best production.

Christopher Jordan is the founder and host of “Curious Realm”, a program that explores interesting and unusual topics related to science, technology, history and culture. Christopher creates informative and entertaining episodes that delve into various topics such as ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories, and futuristic technologies, interviewing experts, and exploring these topics in greater depth. Known for his engaging presentation style, making complex topics accessible to a wide and ranging audience.

Curious Realm sheds light on the hard conversations and fringe topics usually skipped over by mainstream media. We believe that within these conversations lies the opportunity to build unity, understanding and common empathy among people and by avoiding them we are effectively stunting our growth as a human society! Join us as we delve into the deepest realms of human curiosity and beyond. Visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every Tuesday night at 8pm CST!


Christopher Jordan, is an Austin, TX based multi-instrumentalist and composer, whose soothing and calming music is designed to help listeners relax. His meditation albums feature a variety of instruments, and technology including piano, guitar, and synthesizers, brainwave patterns, biological and cosmic frequencies, and binaural beats. Each track is designed to be used as a tool for meditation, and to help listeners reach deeper levels of relaxation and self-exploration.

Christopher has been creating music and soundscapes for over 20 years and his unique compositions have been used as background music for meditation albums, corporate events, as well as a unique series of meditation videos. His compositions range from meditation and frequency therapy to avant-garde, and even electronic/lo-fi in his incarnation as the artist No Disassamble.

The Music of Christopher Jordan is available now on all major streaming platforms. For more information, interviews, or appearances please contact Christopher through LITM Media!


Incorporating styles ranging from traditional electronica and ambient to experimental and even brainwave synthesis into his music. No Disassemble is often compared to such electronic artists as Kraftwerk, Sphongle and Silver Apples. Originally from Houston, musician and audio engineer Christopher Jordan began his journey of composing and recording electronic music in the late 90s and was a monthly recurring guest for five years on 90.1 KPFT’s Sunday avant-garde music program.

Since that time, Christopher has recorded numerous albums varying from standard electronic music, to albums incorporating the frequencies of the planets and binaural beats. Christopher has also been experimenting in the studio with making music utilizing real-time brainwaves to drive his synthesizers and producing mixed media visualizations to his music.

The Talking Sound Podcast was created for aspiring and veteran audio/video engineers and artists. We provide coverage of the best of analog and digital technologies in the field of audio and video production as well as application of these technologies in the field and the studio. We also interview a steady stream of guests ranging from recording artists, live and studio engineers as well as video game designers, film directors, special effects artists, composers and much more…

With years of experience in both live and studio engineering of a/v, our host, Christopher Jordan brings to light not only the technical breakdown of how things work together and how to achieve the best results but the pitfalls, conundrums and the issues that arise from running live shows, broadcasts, recording and content creation for film and games as well. 


For everyone who is interested in the lives of comedians, writers, musicians and other creative people, Yes But Why Podcast is for you! Led by Amy Jordan (and occasionally co-hosted by Wendell Smith), we interview people dedicated to keeping creativity in their lives. How do they do it? What is the passion that drives them? How do they keep creating if they are blocked?

WEaponizing minds since 2015!

Dudes n Beer sheds light on the hard conversations and fringe topics usually skipped over by mainstream media. We believe that within these uncomfortable conversations lies the opportunity to build unity, understanding and common empathy among human society!

The American Revolution was begun by people sitting in a bar talking about religion and politics, and yet these topics are now forbidden in social circumstances. Why? The Dudes and Beer Podcast is an open discourse on the current state of humanity. We discuss everything from science and nature to government and politics as well as declassified programs and the paranormal and even call into question the motives of mainstream media. We also openly discuss the supernatural and paranormal.


At we take your average run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf effects box, change out key elements and warp others to give you a fantastically huge sound — while paying nowhere near “boutique” prices.  By taking out key, cheaply produced stock parts and replacing them with better quality parts (and sometimes parts of differing electronic values) we give you a hugely different quality of sound and tone not previously available in your mass-produced pedals.  Check out our clips of the mods we perform on either our Mod Videos page or the Audio Samples page to hear the difference for yourself — and step onto a whole new stage of sonic possibilities!

Black Box Live is a modern variety showcase featuring talent from across the United States and the Internet. A collection of comedy, animation, shorts, theater, mixed media, live music and more, Black Box Live brings the latest in online entertainment right to the comfort of your own personal screen.

Created by Good Counsel Services, Inc and the HC Universal Network, Black Box Live is an online entertainment series dedicated to exposing the world to the performers and artists affected by the covid-19 crisis.